Building a better world

Do Destination is a non-profit organization that guarantees that all donations go directly to the projects.

DO-Destination Main Prosjects

DO – Orphanage

Do Destination har bidratt med:      

  • 2 tons of rice and pasta
  • Soap and sanitary napkins
  • 4 suitcases with blankets and           clothes
  • 1suitcase with stuffed animals    
  • 1suitcase with books and toys    

DO – Education

Do Destination har bidratt med:    

  • 200 children get an education 
  • English school books   
  • school uniforms  
  • Solar panels for 2 schools                                                           

DO -Sustainability

Do Destination har bidratt med:       

  • 2 families in Nepal have participated in a sustainable project seed of hope.      

DO – Environment

Do Destination har bidratt med:   

  • Cleaning of beaches and     forests.


About Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is among the poorest and least educated countries in Asia. The average adult has only about four years of formal education. Rural Burmese villages typically do not have running water or electricity. Myanmar’s economy is based on agriculture

Om Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Large parts of the population live exclusively on what they grow and big part of the population is malnourished.

Agriculture is the main source of income for poor families in rural Nepal. Earnings are low and many young men emigrate to find work. To ensure increased income and alternative sources of income, there is a need for better market access, increased participation in the value chain and vocational training. we work to strengthen food security and better nutrition for poor families. Our projects include training in varied agricultural production and increased knowledge of agriculture.

Nepal is severely affected by extreme weather, climate change and environmental degradation. A more sustainable management of the natural resource is crucial for the country to meet the challenges of the future.

Seeds of Hope

Joaoh Pessoa, Brasil

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. 16,3 % of the urban population live in slums where 4,6% live in extreme poverty. Of the almost 55 million children and young people living in Brazil, the majority 68% come from the northeastern and northern areas of the country. Paraiba County is located in the northeastern part of Brazil where more than 500,000 people live in extreme poverty. 217,000 of these are children and young people. Joao Pessoa is the capital of Paraiba County.

Why is it important to support Casa Davi?

Casa Davi is an offer for the children who live in the favela of Joao Pessoa. After school, children have a place to stay instead of being on the street. Casa Davi is a safe place that gives children the opportunity to be children. They are offered help with their homework and they can unfold creatively in art, dance and music. Here, the opportunities are created for the children to have a positive self-image and a better future for themselves.

The Philippines is a divided society, with a small upper class both governing the country and sitting on most of the income, while large part of the population live in poverty.

Why is it so important to give security and financial stability for Saint Lawrence Children’s Home?  

There are approx. 1.5 million street children in the Philippines. A few of them are lucky and get a place in an orphanage, for others is is life on the streets that rules. Bu creating financial stability for the orphanage, there will also be money to take in more street children.