Merete and Victoria are childhood friends who wanted to experience something together. In life we had come to a place where we boteh had grown children and the opportunity to live out the dream of traveling and experiencing other cultures and the people behind. Our first trip together went to Brazil. It was a strong but rewarding experience to meet the people in the favela.

Our encounter with people living in extreme poverty made such a strong impression on us that we decided to continue traveling to areas where we could make a difference.

Our second trip was to Myanmar where we visited an orphanage just outside Yangon. The monk who ran the orphanage said that there was little hope for a better future for the children due to lack of schools.

Our original plan was to visit orphanages on our different trips around the world, but after visiting Myanmar we saw a great need for schools and education. At that moment we decided that we should also build schools to give the children the opportunity for a better life.

On our travels we get to experience not only the people and the culture, but also all the countries have to offer.

Board Members

Founder/Executive Director
Victoria Tønseth Pedersen

Hillevi Olsson

Deputy Chairman
Liv Marie Bendheim

Karin Lill-Mari Rui
Crislyn Cerbas Børresen
Boadr member
Thomas Børresen

DO Destinations annual reports

Our Goals

A clean and sustainable earth

Give children a safe environment and the opportunities to have an education

Give opportunities for development and growth

Let’s build something together.