Become a partner

Do Destination is 100% volunteering and is therefore dependent on individualt and companies who want to help us further. We also work with companies to take joint responsibility for the environment by recycling bottles and cans from office communities, production and canteens. Together we contribute to improving the economic and social conditions for the pupulation in underdeveloped sosieties, in line with international and global environmental and climate goals.

What will you benefit from working with us?

  • Your customers will see that you are concerned with the environment and sustainability.
  • We market your business on our pages.
  • You will receive a diploma that recognizes the company’s support to UN sustainable goals.

If you wish to work together wiht us or want to know more about us and our projects you can contact our CEO on telephone +47 99 01 80 74 after 4 PM or send an email to: dodestination@dodestination

Our numbers and results

We have low administration costs as a voluntary, non-profit organization. The expenses we have are bank fees and the operation of a website that is covered by recycled bottles that the members have chosen to donate for this purpose.

In total, we have recycled bottles for NOK 90 735,-,

Our annually recycled amount

  • 2021 NOK 20 092,-
  • 2020 NOK 36 148,-
  • 2019 NOK 29 109,-
  • 2018 NOK 5 386,-

Partners recycled cans and bottles


Project partners

Meikswe Myanmar