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DO Destination is a voluntary, non-profit organization who operates within the UN’s sustainability goals. We mainly work with various local organizations to ensure that our projects are sustainable and necessary. We raise funds to build schools, support orphanages, work for a clean environment and various projects that help and support people to create a livelihood. What better way to combine our various projects to create opportunities for development and growth.

Project areas



Do Destination collaborates with orphanages and youth centers in Brazil, Myanmar and Philippines.



Do Destination has two school projects in Myanmar.



DO Destination has sustainability projects in Nepal.



DO Destination has environmental friendly and sustainable projects.

Do Destination is a non-profit organization that guarantees that all donations go directly to the project.

  • Khar Shi Scool, Myanmar
  • Ny skole til landsbyen Ho Lain, Myanmar
  • Bilde fra prosjektet Seed of Hope i Nepal
Casa Davi, Joao Pessoa, Brasil

Lets build something together

Support our projects with your donations. When you donate to us, you can choose which projects you want to contribute to. You can donate a sum or a fixed amount every month. You can choose to pay with Vipps, PayPal or wire the amount directly to our bank account.

DO Destination is based on 100% volunteering and is therefore dependent on individuals and companies who want to help us further.

Collaboration with companies by recycling bottles has given us funds to invest in our projects.


Meikswe Myanmar

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