Environment bingo

In a perfect world all our beaches would look like this

Help us to make it possible…

DO Destination’s goal is to build a better world. Building a better world also includes taking care of our environment. To be able to enjoy our nature in it’s perfection we need to contribute with concrete actions.

Join us in cleaning our beaches and your local environment by collecting plastic or other objects that are polluting the nature in your surroundings.

DO Destination want’s this task to be funny and invites both children, youth and adults to participate in our environmental bingo. The environmental artists Prestgaard & Andersen has contributed to this project by making the bingo boards for us. The boards have pictures of the waste that is most commonly found on the beaches and along the coasts.

Participate in environmental bingo and win nice prizes

Get you bingo board here.

How to play.

  • Download and print your bingo board
  • Fill out the board with those contents you find that matches the pictures on the board.
  • Take pictures of the bingo board and the bags you have collected.
  • Send the pictures to dodestination@gmail.com with your name, county and where you picked up the garbage.

Our Prizes are:

The lucky winners will be drawn on December 28’th 2020

The winners will be notified directly and also be published on our website and social media channels. Do notice that all pictures sent to us will be published on our web site, Facebook and Instagram.