Myanmar, Ho Lain School

In the village of Ho Lain there are already a primary school and we have decided to be a part of expanding the school to a middle school together with Build a School in Burma (BSB) and the Northern Shan State Baptist Association (NSSUBA). In many villages there is only a primary school so children must live away from their family starting at age 9 or 10 to continue their education elsewhere. Many families cannot afford this, and the children that are lucky enough are at risk of abuse when seperated from their families at such an age. So one of our key objectives is to build schools so the children are safe on their way to school and also make it possible for students to live with their families longer. At Ho Lain we will expand to a middle school (students up to age 13) by building a larger (30 X 90) building that can accommodate four classrooms. The school is expected to serve about 90 students when completed. Solar electricity and a pipe gravityflow water system are also needed. NSSUBA will contribute with two sanitary toilets. Price for this project are 300,000 NOK