Myanmar, Khar Shi School

We are building a school in cooperation with the organisation Build a School in Burma

Why we have chosen to build school in the village of Khar Shi, Myanmar.
The inhabitants of Khar Shi are internal refugees in Myanmar. The government forces and the ethnic military army wars in the area so the population has had to flee. They are not even part of the military army.
In Khar Shi, they have got a safe place to live and work, well and notice is the job from day to day, but nevertheless they have chosen to build a new life here.
The school is an important step towards changing the children’s life situation and, in the longer term, contributing to changes in society.
Without schooling no society will evolve.
Schooling is also crucial in order to use their freedom of speach, because if you don’t know how tot read and write it becomes difficult to use your freedom of speach.
The school is also important in connection with adolescence and family. Many children are sent to orphanages for schooling. We believe it is important that the children grow up with their family so that they get the opportunity to know their own story.