Philippines, Saint Lawrence Childrens Home

While in the Philippines we visited “Saint Lawrence Childrens home” in Koronadal. It’s an all girls orphanage that houses 9 young girls. Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed. While speaking with the leader of the orphanage, we were told that the girls could only stay there if they went to school. This made us very happy as it gives the children an incentive to stay in school and have a better chance later in life.

After a tour of their house and small vegetable garden, the girls wanted to show us a dance routine they had been working on. The girls seemed to really enjoy their dancing.

The current leader of the orphanage grew up in the orphanage, and got an education as a bus driver and a steady job. He chose to give up his job and run the orphanage when the previous leader began nearing retirement. Him and his wife is now responsible for the 9 girls. It is not a paid occupation.

They have a small house which is located in the orphanage and eat with the girls. Every schoolday he drives the girls on his tricycle to school, pick them up again for luch and drive them home again when the school day is over. He does this to make sure the girls are safe.

He chose this to be able to give others the opportunity that he got.

Their monthly allowance is 9000,- (PHP) ca 1600,- (NOK) monthly in food allowance for 11 people.