Seed of Hope

Seed Of Hope is a program who help communities grow their own food by providing seeds, orientation, and basic training by agricultural experts for seasonal farming, cash crops, kitchen gardens, organic compost, and organic pest control.  We have supported two families.

The Small World are initiating this program in the Solu-Dhudkunda Municipality area, which is divided into eleven (11) wards, and forming mothers’ groups. There will be 30 women in each group and so far, 350 women have requested our support. ;Every member will receive seeds and support from agricultural experts; many of our girls from the hostel and their families are also participating.

The program is actually not a training for individuals – it is in fact a beautiful family program. Every mother or family member who participates in our farming program will take this training and education to their home and share it with everyone there, especially the children.

The Small World, which is a locally run organization, has the experience and skills to execute relief efforts on the ground quickly, easily and safely for people in urgent need in remote communities. We feel that we have proven our expertise with our success in previous difficult challenges, deeply understand community needs, and are well prepared to make a big difference in this current crisis. Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, recovery efforts led by The Small World and Karma Sherpa, who lives and works in affected communities, are often taken for granted, and thus are largely overlooked and underfunded.